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About Silkworm

My name is Annette, but online I'm better known as 'Silk'.  I started crafting with silk florals in the mid-90s, during a long bout with insomnia.  I accumulated so many wreaths, swags, giant bows and arrangements that I had to do something to make more room, so we sold silk florals at craft shows and street fairs for about 10 years.  Hence, the name Silkworm, and my lovable Ms. Silkworm logo, created for me by an artist friend.  When I eventually moved on to other crafty things I couldn't give her up, so we rebranded as Silkworm Crafts & Collectibles. 

I've gone from silks, to beading, wire-wrapping, rhinestone embellishing, and collecting and selling vintage costume jewelry in the last 18 years, and mixed in vintage collectibles, craft supplies and crocheting for variety. But I have always come back to beading and crocheting as my creative staples.  We've been online for several years, while continuing to sell at local events.  I am a self-proclaimed 'Crafterpreneur'. I keep my designs more simple now, as age and wear & tear have limited my dexterity a bit, but always use quality materials so that even the most basic designs will look special.

About Desert Spice

Next year we hope to be re-launching our line of hand blended spice mixes and seasonings sold under the name Desert Spice, named for our home in the high desert of Southern California.  We will be offering dip-dressing-tater topper mixes, rubs, and a few special seasoning blends.  Our spice mixes and seasoning blends are made with all natural, gourmet quality herbs and spices.  All Desert Spice products contain no MSG or other artificial flavor enhancers, no fillers, no preservatives, and no anticlumping agents... nothing but pure, natural, quality spices from around the world.  Once we launch, you'll find them in our category list on the left of any page, under Desert Spice Hand Blended Spice Mixes

About B & R Western

All of our leather goods are designed and handcrafted by B&R Western Crafts, a company our son founded five years ago. All are his original designs. They are hand cut, hand tooled, dyed and sealed, then meticulously hand stitched... no kits were used in the making of any of our leather accessories.  B&R Western Crafts has also sold handcrafted leather accessories and other western-themed items at local farmer's markets and craft shows for many years.  We are pleased to offer you a selection of their custom creations here.

One More Thing...

All of our handcrafted items are designed and made at our home studios in the Desert Southwest, USA, from high quality components and materials. Although we may duplicate some of our more popular items we do not mass produce our designs, so anything you purchase from Silkworm will be unique!

Thanks for stopping by!  We hope you find something you love!